Mercku MESH Routers 
Patented Transceiver

Less environmental noise, more sensitivity.

Powerful Antenna

Enhanced WHEMS (Wideband High-efficiency ElectroMagnetic Structure) antenna to eliminate dead spots in your house.

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Elegant Design

Mercku routers are beautifully designed and they fit in any modern homes without compromising your style.


M3 Haven Smart Home System is the next generation in the making. A lot of research has been put in M3 to ensure Mercku's leading position in MESH router technology.

M3 represents a step into the autonomous home concept by combining for the first time, a robust Wi-Fi system, Bluetooth mesh, along with accurate indoor positioning capabilities. 

M3 Haven system has four components, which together, creates the world’s first smart home network. The M3 Wi-Fi router and M3 mesh node support industry-leading Wi-Fi connectivity in the home, while the M3 lights and M3 beacon, both are Bluetooth-enabled, merge with Wi-Fi to allow users to track every moving object and device in the house, to centimeter accuracy.

Wi-Fi represents the backbone for any smart home; one-third of American homes suffer through connectivity issues today. The M3 Haven starts with the most potent tri-band Wi-Fi system on the market and ensures that blankets every home with stable Wi-Fi performance. Adding onto this Wi-Fi network is an indoor positioning system, that includes a series of smart lights and beacons. Each mesh node and smart light contains a Bluetooth receiver, with breakthrough centimeter-level accuracy when paired with the M3 beacons. Without beacons, the M3 Haven system is still able to achieve decimeter-level efficiency throughout the home.

As a result, the M3 Haven Smart Home System connects users to everything they love and care about; objects, pets, children from anywhere in the world. This product also represents the first engineer feat that successfully marries Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi in the same device with minimal interference, allowing for a truly connected home.