It’s hard to believe that in many areas of the United States Internet service is still not available!  Many places only have very limited service providers. But what most people are grumbling about these days is the high price of their Internet service.  Deep Orange's goal is to bring an affordable, high-quality, portable Internet connection and network to smart people everywhere in the US.

Deep Orange's Wireless MESH Internet network is a very innovative solution. Its patented antenna design brings superb connectivity to your whole home, business, or organization at very reasonable price.  Take it wherever you go and simply plug it in to create a Wi-Fi hot spot, for total portability!

We know networking technologies can be confusing, so we pre-configure everything for you before it ships out.  Just plug it into an electrical outlet and connect the two devices for an instant Wi-Fi hot spot. Also we answer your questions promptly when you have an issue or need help.

Deep Orange is a Nationwide company based in New York.

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