Why {DO} ? 
Wi-Fi Anywhere 

{DO} Wi-Fi solution is powered by Mercku's high performance MESH router and T-Mobile network.

It works anywhere T-Mobile has good coverage, which means it covers more areas than cable providers. 

High Performance MESH

With {DO} solution, Mercku MESH routers come pre-configured. 

Mercku MESH is designed for various homes and can optimize your Wi-Fi signals to leave no dead spots.

{DO} Wi-Fi + 2 Phones:
$100 Monthly
  • Add 2 Mobile Phones with Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text & Unlimited Data*

  • Keep Your Numbers (we transfer it for you)

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or we can order phones for you

Best Plan for Mobile Phones
{DO} Wi-Fi: $50 Monthly
  • Unlimited data for your entire home

  • Connect your computers and all devices

  • Enjoy Netflix without paying high

You don't have to use our phones plans in order to get great Wi-Fi Internet, but we offer the unbeatable cell phone plans: it comes with unlimited nationawide talk, unlimited text and unlimited data, which include 2GB LTE data and 3G speed data afterwards.

If you need more than 2 lines or maybe just 1 line, we can do it as well. Just contact us.